Graeme Stewart

junior web dev./music producer


I'm a junior web developer based in Halifax familiar with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React (including Gatsby and Next.JS). I built this website from scratch using some of these tools.

I'm skilled in Java and C/C++, and know how to implement web services standards like REST and SOAP.

I have experience building mobile apps with React Native and Android Studio.

I also produce electronic music. My favourite genres to produce are house, techno, ambient, and downtempo.



2009-2012 B.A. in Linguistics, Saint Mary's University, Halifax

2018-2020 Cert. in Computers and Information Technology, McGill University, Montréal

  • Data structures & algorithms
  • Web development/services
  • Mobile application development
  • Database design
  • Encryption/security
  • Operating systems admin.
  • Network admin.


Theme creator for WynDynamicDesktop
A handy tool that aggregates various online, non-terrestrial radio stations on a single site
Mobile version of orb (Android only)
A cool audiovisual website me and @nealstewart are working on
30 minutes of slowed-down remixes of 70s and 80s jazz and downtempo music
Collaboration between me and my friend Dorothea, 90s R&B and vocal house